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Have you heard about texture release? It is a system by which heat is activated with the help of conditioning agents and amino acids. These essentials go deep into the fibers of the hair and thereby enable the styling versatility in one’s personality. People can manage their combing habits easily once they get this textural change in their hair. The system is mostly carried out for excessively curly hair as this type of hair needs conditioners and moisture to support its special attention to the scalp.

How we do the process

Once you come to our beauty hub, we check out your hair to assure whether the type is perfect for carrying the texture release process or not. Then we take up our texture release kit that includes sulfate-free scalp rejuvenating shampoo, thermal protector, hair dilator, releasing lotion, curl shape and shine cream, and moisturizing and rejuvenating conditioner. All these products are of clinically approved brands and thus don’t cause any clinical reaction to you. To work in synergy for providing you with the best results, we have all the essential products with us. Once the entire kit is applied to the hair, we suggest some necessary hair management tips to the clients so that they can carry the release easily.

Things we ask before the process

There are certain questions that our beauticians ask whenever any client comes to take texture release treatment. These are,

  • Whether the client wants no chemical commitment.
  • Whether the clients want to elongate his/her natural curl pattern.
  • Whether the client likes transitioning.
  • Whether the client has styling versatility.
  • Whether the client wants to maintain the natural texture in between the blow drying of the hair.

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