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Here’s the latest 2020 game changer eyebrow trend

Eyebrow makeup makes a huge difference to the whole facial look. When you set the eyebrows in a proper way, certainly you will have a better appealing look for your face. Moreover, only with proper eyebrow makeup, the entire facial makeup will prove to be fruitful. Hence, here we have picked up 2020 special eyebrow trend to add to our makeup services in Birmingham. You will certainly be overwhelmed with the style and idea of this eyebrow makeup.

What is the importance of eyebrow makeup?

Before moving to the discussion on our latest introduce eyebrow makeup trend, let’s talk a bit about why eyebrow makeup is so demanding in the makeup world.

Today, any makeup procedure starts with setting up of eyebrows. Why? This is because, while applying makeups on face, it is the eyebrows that give rested look to the face and remove the tiring look from the face. When the eyebrows are shaped properly, after the application of the makeups, the face looks brighten, energetic, beautiful and more youthful. You must have seen the face of the people gets totally changed after applying makeups on it. This is nothing but application of makeups and proper setting up of eyebrows and eye areas. It is because of all these reasons along with many others, eyebrow makeup is highly in trend and adopted by all make-up artists to a great extent.

The eyebrow trend we are talking about!

Now, coming to the main point of discussion, we are set to introduce our latest eyebrow make up trend that is, eyebrow lamination. If you are thinking it is any surgical process or anything like that, then don’t worry! There is no surgical procedure involved in it. It is a way to apply semi-permanent solution to the eyebrows so that it can be made properly balanced, well-set and perfect. Every makeup projects we get, the process begins with the eyebrow lamination work.

Here’s the way,

Clean the eyebrow: Before going to start the process, we clean the brows well and remove the unnecessary or long hair from there. We use thread or seizer for the purpose.

Brush them: The next step involves brushing the hair. This is done to understand whether all the unwanted elements are well-removed or not so that the entire process can be carried out perfectly.

Application of straightening solutions: Here, we start applying some straightening solutions such as comb, equipment, or any such products that can help to give proper shape to the brows.
Tinting up: Although it is practiced optionally, after all the above-mentioned processes are done, we then tint the brows slightly to keep the hairs visible and thereby ensure the appealing look.

Costs of Eyebrow lamination

If you think that to get this eyebrow lamination and to have an appealing facial makeup, you need to pay a lot of money, then you must be wrong. We, at ACT Hair and Beauty, provide eyebrow lamination along with the makeup services only. In fact, our bridal or party makeup service starts with eyebrow lamination only. So, it will be very much reasonable for you. Call us now and know more about this trendy makeup style from us!

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